Jun 28, 2011

Puppets by Paul Klee

I've looked through this book so many times and I'm always fascinated by these strange and morbid puppets by Paul Klee.j

Jun 20, 2011

New Acquisitions


Yesterday I added some beautiful new drawings to my small collection of works by Michal Erez, a dear friend and a brilliant artist. You can find more of those here. h

Michal is also a gifted craft maker, and one of my earliest inspirations. Here are a couple of friends, made by Michal,  that I am so lucky to have.k

Jun 13, 2011

Finger Zoo

Introducing the first complete finger zoo set! h

Second from the right is the newest member - the camel, another animal that is very dear to my heart. I think this specific one bears a certain resemblance to a tiger or a panther, at least the animated ones like the pink panther. Let's say this is my tribute to all of you protesters all over the Middle East - I'm sure you're reading my blog right now. Please look deeply into the eyes of this tiger-camel and let your hearts fill up with courage and motivation!n

Also a first appearance on this blog of Mr. Rabbit, second from the left, dedicated to my little friend Yanai, whose finger got bit by a terrible rabbit!h

Jun 1, 2011

Dancing Fox

Next on the finger puppets series - Mr. Fox! I prepared a little stop-motion clip for him, inspired by these adorable clips by Eva of Misako Mimoko, the coolest craft-maker and blogger ever(!), whose work has always been an endless source of inspiration.j

Here are some images of her delicious dalls: j

Hebrew readers, please check out this post by another very-cool-artist-and-blogger Galia Pasternak, featuring a portrait of me! f