Jan 16, 2011

Sister Kiwi

Knitting is one of the slowest and most repetitive activities I know, but I have found a way to make it even more so. it's very simple: once you've finally finished a knitting project, start over and knit another one exactly like the one you've just finished!g

You can learn a lot by doing something twice! A less frustrating option is to knit a smaller version of your project, which can be less time-consuming,  but more challenging, as you would have to do some thinking and adapting, instead of just following instructions (if you're working with a pattern, of course). I have found this to be a good way to learn.k

Also, in case you're still a beginner and your kiwi or whatever it is you've made tends to look a little sad and unfortunate, it will gain a friend, that with a bit of patience and persistence might even seem a little more hopeful (but even if not, at least they would both have each other).s

Jan 9, 2011

My First Lazy Kiwi Bird

This is a Kiwi bird I made, using a pattern from BitterSweet, which has some very cute patterns. It is the first item in a research, in which I intend to learn and practice knitting methods to the point in which I can write my own patterns, and also to find out what makes my versions always look more awkward, perverted and melancholic than the originals. Apparently it wasn't easy to place my kiwi in the upward position, like in the picture from BitterSweet (also provided here for reference), so I added a picture of my kiwi in its natural position. 

My kiwi after efforts to place it upright

My kiwi in it's natural position

BitterSweet original kiwi