Jul 28, 2012

Paulina Temmes Creatures and Jon Klassen illustrations

These melancholic beautiful creatures are by Paulina Temmes, via Deborah Beau of Kickcan & Conkers. Also melancholic and also amazingly beautiful illustrations from this book by Jon Klassen, via Fine Little Day. Don't miss the trailer.

Jul 23, 2012


I like to make color experiments when I'm making a gift for a special occasion or a special person. The couple in blue in the box above is a wedding gift for Asaf & Dafna, I wish you both a bright and happy marriage! The couple in green below is for sweet Noa's first birthday. The tree outside my window seems to enjoy the summer. I find it very hard to understand, but I'm happy for him non the less.

Jul 12, 2012

Olie Dolls

Couldn't think of anything in the world that could be sweeter than these magical Olie dolls, until I met their creator, Yfat Forsher. The world seems like a much better place when you come across such sweet creatures and people!g

Jul 7, 2012

Ready to Go!

All dressed up and ready to go! These guys have all begun their journey to NY. Hopefully they will all enjoy their new homes. l
The new winner of the bear and bunny giveaway is Ofer Aderet! Congratulations!f

Jul 3, 2012

In the Making

Some unfinished friends, for Oliver & Adelaide, a mysterious one of a kind experience. Can't wait for the launching of their site.h
More pics coming soon, when they are all completed. Also, since I have not heard from Yael, the winner of this giveaway, I will pick a new winner in a few days, unless she turns up!h