Sep 29, 2012

Dancing Seeds Mobiles by Noa Sadeh


These delicate mobiles are made by Noa Sadeh, who has opened a new Etsy shop. They are so imaginative and full of details, I can look at them for hours.

Sep 9, 2012

Rugs and all kinds of stuff by Nathalie Lete

Don't you want to live in one of those rugs or pillows or handkerchiefs or whatever by Nathalie Lete?

Sep 6, 2012

3rd Birthday

We're celebrating our boy's 3rd birthday tomorrow, so I'm thinking he is probably big enough to have his own set of Lazy Animals. Whenever he sees me knitting or packing them, he always wants to know if I am making them for him. So this time I am. I made a little shelf for them, which I plan to hang by his bed. I hope they will be good friends for him, and also keep scary wolves and elephants away from his bed at night.