Jan 21, 2012

Let's Make Puppets

I found it quite difficult to stop looking at these:h

Images from "Let's Make Puppets" by A. R. Philpott, and "Creative Masks for Stage and School", by Joan Peters and Anna Sutcliffe, via Between Channels.f

Jan 17, 2012

Red Valentines

Hadn't realized anything for Valentines Day had to be either red or pink! So here is a couple of red squirrel valentines, now available at my Etsy shop. j

Jan 15, 2012

Miga de Pan and Misako Mimoko

Absolutely in love with these crochet and embroidery works by Adriana of Miga de Pan. g

Found them via one of my favorite blogs, Misako Mimoko. Look what wonderful Eva of Misako Mimoko's been up to lately:k