Apr 20, 2011


mother and baby deer from Nara, Japan. you can get them here

While still struggling with the porcupine pattern, I want to share with you these mother and baby deer I got from Japan (I actually got them at hibino, Tel Aviv). I was speechless when I first laid my eyes on them, so simple and perfect. I inquired and found out they had been handwoven by a family in the ancient city of Nara, which is famous for the deer that roam its park. I wish I could give a more specific credit, but this is all I could find out. If I'd known the name and address of this family I think I would fly all the way to the ancient city of Nara, knock on their door and bow deeply. j


  1. Let me deiscose that your name, Ayelet, means a she-deer

  2. a dialogue of a she deer and her mother? (: it's beautiful indeed.