Jan 16, 2011

Sister Kiwi

Knitting is one of the slowest and most repetitive activities I know, but I have found a way to make it even more so. it's very simple: once you've finally finished a knitting project, start over and knit another one exactly like the one you've just finished!g

You can learn a lot by doing something twice! A less frustrating option is to knit a smaller version of your project, which can be less time-consuming,  but more challenging, as you would have to do some thinking and adapting, instead of just following instructions (if you're working with a pattern, of course). I have found this to be a good way to learn.k

Also, in case you're still a beginner and your kiwi or whatever it is you've made tends to look a little sad and unfortunate, it will gain a friend, that with a bit of patience and persistence might even seem a little more hopeful (but even if not, at least they would both have each other).s

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